Mother holding her baby while looking at her computer screen

Your baby changes so much during the first year. It is fascinating to see them grow and develop day by day. There are lots of simple things you can do now which will develop skills your child will use throughout their whole life. The following information will help you to ensure you and your baby are happy and healthy. There are lots of ideas to support you in developing a positive relationship with your baby that will support their lifelong learning and development.

Click here for a timeline of typical developmental milestones for children this age
2 months

Typical developmental milestones 2 months:

👥Social and emotional milestones: Calms down when spoken to or picked up. Looks at your face. Seems happy to see you when you go to them. Smiles when you talk to them.

🗣Language and communication milestones: Making sounds other than crying. Reacting to loud sounds.

💪Physical milestones: Holding their head up when lying on their tummy. Moving both arms and legs. Open and close their hands briefly.

4 months

Typical developmental milestones 4 months:

👥Social and emotional milestones:Smiling on their own to get your attention. Chuckling when you try to make them laugh. Looks at you, moves or makes sounds to try and get your attention.

🗣Language and communication milestones: Making cooing sounds like "ooo" or "aah". Makes sounds when you talk back to them. Turns their head to the sound of your voice.

💪Physical milestones:Holds steady without you supporting them. Holds a toy when you hand them one. Use their arms to swing a toy. Brings their hands to their mouth. Pushes themselves up on their elbows or forearms when on their tummy.

6 months

Typical developmental milestones 6 months:

👥Social and emotional milestones: Recognising familiar people. Looks at themselves in the mirror. Laughs at people and things. .

🗣Language and communication milestones: Takes turns making noises with you. Blowing raspberries (sticking tongue out and blowing). Making squealing noises.

💪Physical milestones: Rolls from their tummy to their back. Pushes up with straight arms when on their tummy. Leans on their hands to support themselves when sitting.

9 months

Typical developmental milestones 9 months:

👥Social and emotional milestones: They will be shy or fearful around strangers. They will show different expressions on their face, like happiness, anger or surprise. They smile or laugh when you play games with them. They will look at you when you call their name and they will react when you leave.

🗣Language and communication milestones: They will be making babbling sounds like "bababababa". They could lift their arms to show they want to be picked up.

💪Physical milestones: Put themselves in a sitting position without help and will sit without support. Move items from one hand to another. Use their fingers to move food towards themselves.

1 year old

Typical developmental milestones 1 year:

👥Social and emotional milestones: they should enjoy playing games like peek-a-boo with you and may have favourite people and toys. They may cry when their parent leaves and is shy around strangers.

🗣Language and communication milestones: they will point at objects and will be able to respond to their own name. They will be able to make meaningful sounds, like “mama” and “dada”.

💪Physical milestones: they will be able to pull themselves up and move around while holding on to furniture. They may be able to stand without help and will be able to crawl. They should be able to help turn the pages of a book and throw a small ball.